Our main focus is to support investors and architects in all possible ways by presenting all information on glass and its usage. We are a company where even the smallest details matter. We take care of everything beginning with the idea and ending with solutions for engineering, full supplies and excellent project management. We know and understand glass.

  • Our task is to introduce you to the distinctive glass technical details in order to help in deciding what type of glass to use and why it should be used.
  • We examine, standardize and give recommendations on your ideas and wishes according to glass norms.
  • We offer suggestions on what type of glass to use, its quality and quantity.
  • We provide effective project management. Our clients get the newest and most up-to-date solutions from the world leading specialists in this field.
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Glass (EN 572-1) is one of the oldest man-made materials. The first known glass recipe dates back to 669-627 BC. However, the usage of glass in buildings in Western Europe starts to evolve rapidly only in the 1970s, the wake of the energy crisis. Today’s use of glass in distinct frameworks has no boundaries. Glass façades have become complex architectural structures that define the boundaries between the environment and the interior of a building, which is determined by its main characteristics, safety, and comfort. In addition, glass gives the building a unique appearance. It fits into any structure and any style.

Glass & ...

New technologies allow to architects use wide range of materials for glass framing. Depending on task wood, steel, aluminum, concrete, stone can be line up with glass.


Do you want to have an outstanding colorful façade which earns you money and enables you to express yourself freely on large surface in modern way? LED media facade for day and night makes a difference and impresses from the first sight.

Ofered solutions

Our aim is to provide investors, developers, creative architects and general contractors with innovative products, services and support.  We pay special attention to advice and assistance. Therefore, we are pleased to give support in the implementation of your individual solution, starting from development of the product to its realization.

Interior-glass without limits



Coated glass

The development of coated glass has provided high-quality solutions solar energy and luminosity. Coated glass enables us to control and manipulate light to our advantage.

  • Solar radiation consists of: 3% of ultra-violet rays, 55% of infra-red rays, and 42% of visible light. Heat from the sun penetrates the room via direct or indirect transmission after being absorbed by the glazing. Heated objects return this heat in the form of infra red heat waves. This causes the temperature to rise gradually (the so called greenhouse effect). One of the solutions to help reduce overheating is solar coated glass, also known as tinted glass. This also helps to reduce conditioning costs.
  • Low-e glass. Low-emissivity glass allows the transmission of the solar short wave radiation at a much higher rate than the long wave radiation, providing an effective barrier to heat loss. The lower the U-value (W/m2K), the better the insulation of the product. Additionally, different types of low-e glass transmit different amounts of passive solar heat what helps to reduce heating requirements and costs.
  • Multifunctional glass & special coatings. Multifunctional coatings contain benefits of both coatings: solar and low-e. Using different combinations of glasses in double or triple glass units you can significantly affect conduction, convection, radiation and U-value. Special coatings, such as anti-bacterial, self-cleaning, anti-reflection, are used in many different fields.

Safe & Security glass

Safe glass helps to reduce the risk of accidents in case there is an impact, fracture, fire, or incidents when the glass is most likely to shatter. This helps to protect buildings from various forms of attacks (physical or armed).

  • Thermally toughened (tempered EN 12150-1) and laminated (EN 12543- to 6) glass. Tempered glass surface is in a state of compression. This makes it more resistant to mechanical and thermal stresses, and gives it the required fragmentation characteristics. In case the glass breaks, it shatters into blunt pieces. This minimizes the risks of people getting cut. Laminated glass is a set of at least two sheets of glass assembled with a full surface interlayer (PVB, EVA, SentryGlas, etc.) that ensures the integrity of the glass, by holding the broken pieces in place.
  • Fireproof glass (EN 13501-2). According to existing building regulations, glass should have a suitable level of fire safety. We provide flame-proof, impervious to gases as well as thermal insulation glass, which meets all requirements of the approved classification. (integrity = E; integrity & radiation = EW; integrity & insulation = EI).
  • Different combinations of heat-strengthened glass (EN 1863-1) wired glass (EN 572-6), bulletproof, sound control (reducing C and Ctr. Noise), etc. Different combinations of glass sheets and foils, different quantities and types, help to achieve various tasks and provide different types of application of our glass.

Special glass

Daylight is the source of life; it is necessary for our well-being, development and health. The perception of the world through coloured, painted, curved or extremely transparent glass makes you find new perspectives. Its gives absolute freedom in design and it can be customized to fulfil any requirement.

  • Enamel, ceramic print, coloured glass and special foils. The main task of this architectural glass is to help you express any idea and meet all security and safety standards.
  • Curved glass was accepted by architects and designers as an unlimited way to express idea, elegance, functionality and added value of the building by separating interior or exterior.
  • Big sized glass and glass for special applications (anti-spy; heat glass; alarm glass; glass + stone; low iron glass; one-way vision mirror; glass + led). You can see the world through a solid 3 300 x 16 000 mm low iron glass pane and have a feeling, that you are totally safe. Special features such as heated glass, alarm glass, one way vision glass or even glass-led and glass-marble can be applied anywhere in the interior or exterior. It will help you to create your own surroundings with a strong sense of individuality.

Metal & Glass

From mullion - transom façades, steel, aluminium and timber add-on constructions, through to structural glazing and unitized façades. Wide range of Aluminium, steel and wood framing can be used in new construction as well as in renovations. All products are available in various styles and in a wide range of colours. In terms of energy efficiency - with the best thermal insulation and integrated ventilation. also taking into consideration comfort and security aspects, and convenient integration in the building management system.

Shading solutions

Effective shading combined with adequate natural ventilation is a reliable way to reduce costs on air conditioning. Solar shading devices (venetian blinds, awnings, roller shutters, sun sails) are most effective when assembled on the exterior glazing, particularly on façades facing south and west. Blinds integrated into double glazing units, also allow to solve the problem of light and heat efficiency in buildings. It is a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution. The blind is placed in a totally sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt and other weather conditions. The characteristics of the traditional double glazing units are preserved and the hermetic properties of the cavity are also left unaltered. All this is made according to the requirements of the current standards in terms of energy performances of buildings. There is a wide range of opportunities for creative designs and constructions of your façades or interior areas using  these functional and effective products. We are looking forward to give you advice on design, aesthetic appearance, natural daylight usage, energy saving and creating comfort.

Usage of media facades

LED media fasades allow you to achieve individual architectural solution "wrapping" building in to stainless steel mesh and making it alive with vivid video surface (transparent displays transform walls into bright video-sized media installation surface). With LED media fasades your static fasade becomes dynamic and emotional. A well-constructed media façade wins over drivers and pedestrians alike, boosts image of large companies, helps medium and small companies to stand out among competitors. Media façades are interesting to:

  • architects and designers;
  • building owners and developers;
  • advertising agencies and TV channels;
  • marketing and advertising experts;
  • internet resources and social networks;
  • investors and sponsors.


An important advantage of media façade over other digital outdoor carriers: they are easy to synchronize and control. The software interface is user-friendly and maybe uploaded on any PC connected via protected Internet links. The comprehensive control system allows to link several nearby buildings with media façades into a unified media surface and create synchronized images on several high-rises in different parts of a city. A media façade may display (according to a planned play-list):

  • graphic and color effects;
  • text or images;
  • commercials or slide-shows;
  • on-line video;
  • sport events;
  • channels of satellite or cable TV;
  • real-time information about traffic jams, weather, currency rates and emergency situations.

Developing construction design

We negotiate with architects about the realization of their ideas in terms of maintaining the requirements of the building. We help to identify the main design criteria and regulatory requirements for structures, such as:

  • strength, optical, power, thermal, acoustic, visual characteristics;
  • durability;
  • values of wind loads;
  • building's aerodynamic characteristics in the wind tunnel in respect to the surrounding buildings;
  • composition of glass products that reduce external noise (recommended indoors);
  • concept design development and selection of external building materials;
  • elaboration of requirements for maintenance units, fire suppression and smoke exhaust systems,
  • definition of the estimated cost of translucent structures.

We are glad to consult our clients about façades and other related issues.


We help to prepare documentation for the subcontractor, and the approval for the start of works. This includes a review of all drawings and results made by the subcontractor, and calculations required for the tender.

Quality control

Our company visits and inspects the plant of the subcontractor in order to check its capacity, quality of extrusion, quality of glass processing and glass products. We supervise the manufacturing of the construction elements and their installation, check the quality of packing materials and constructions before transportation and during the transportation itself. The building areas are inspected on a constant basis and the quality of works is examined. After that, a list of faults, defects and services is prepared.  We provide a detailed report with requirements for investors, after the completion of the works, and control the process of handing over the guidelines about the maintenance of the structure, guarantees and etc. to investor.

Tender stage

We assist our clients in choosing companies, which may take part in the tender according to their experience and capacity, and help project managers in all technical questions during the tender stage. Our services include:

  • assessment of orders for tenders and detailed check of the documents;
  • preparation of a report about the tender results with all necessary requirements;
  • comparison of samples;
  • preparation of a detailed report on the results of tests and preparation of a list of requirements on how to eliminate outstanding issues.


We provide conceptual solutions for façades by carefully studying all major details of the constructions and tentative estimates of the parameters:

  • choice of glazing systems;
  • picture of wind loads;
  • sound-proof characteristics;
  • care and maintenance of structures;
  • construction materials and decoration materials;
  • general positioning of the building in the environment (appearance, reflection);
  • external lighting systems and beacons;
  • general management.

Development of contract documentation

We help  our clients in development of specifications for building façades and roofs' transparent elements. We make alternative offers on façades and materials.  We inform about the:

  • requirements concerning protection by installing light transparent constructions during the construction works;
  • requirements concerning the collaboration between the general contractor and the façade company;
  • requirements concerning quality control, logistics, installation, cleaning of the façade constructions;
  • Our clients are provided with a design and detailed drawings.


Residential Complexes "Sadovye kvartaly"
Residential Complexes "Sadovye kvartaly"
Residential Complexes  "Smolenskij"
Residential Complexes "Smolenskij"
Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow region
Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow region
Jumping Complex K-125, K-95
Jumping Complex K-125, K-95
Lithuania - Birstonas - Vytautas SPA
Lithuania - Birstonas - Vytautas SPA
Norway - Sulland - AUDI/VW
Norway - Sulland - AUDI/VW
Poland - Poznan - AUDI/Porsche
Poland - Poznan - AUDI/Porsche
Russian Federation - Moscow - Oasis
Russian Federation - Moscow - Oasis

Residential Complexes "Sadovye kvartaly"

Residential Complexes "Smolenskij"

Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow region

Jumping Complex K-125, K-95




Lithuania - Birstonas - Vytautas SPA

Norway - Sulland - AUDI/VW